Located only 8 kilometres (less than five miles) from the Tajo River, tranquillity is almost tangible as you arrive in the town of Zaorejas. Visitors feel the desire to find a corner, sit down and take in the air filled with serenity and peace, where only the sound of the church’s carillons interrupts nature’s whispers.

As you make your way through the picturesque streets, you will find our house, located only a few meters form the town square. It is a solid and comfortable building that catches your eye immediately due to its façade, erected with stones from an old granary, which undoubtedly confers its unique character to this charming rural three-star house.

Multiple windows allow a beautiful light to bathe the house almost every hour of the day. The type of construction and its location means it stays fresh during hot weather while maintaining a comfortable temperature during the winter months.

As you enter this dwelling you are at first surprised by the spacious, open ground floor, where the warmth of the kitchen, which not only is fully equipped but also has an old wood stove, echoes the ample sitting room with its large brick fireplace which offers the warmth of a hearth and also allows for excellent grills and barbecues even in the coldest of weathers.

The staircase that welcomed you near the entrance now invites you to continue exploring the dwelling and leads you to the two upper floors. The first floor awaits with four spacious and comfortable double bedrooms, while the last floor is a large open space offering a lovely view of old tiled roofs and ample room for the rest of the guests.

Enjoy the peace and quiet this small and cosy town has to offer.

Everything in Casa Zaorejas invites you to relax.